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Statigram is a tool that you can use to find out all kinds of stats about your Instagram account.

You can use it to instantly view all of the comments and likes that your photos on this social network have received.

The tool is made up of a series of tabs in which you can see all of your activity since you started using Instagram. The first tab, 'Feed', is the tab that displays all of the publications from the people that you follow.

Meanwhile, 'My Media' displays the photos that you yourself have uploaded, in the same way that you would see them if you were looking at your Instagram profile.

The third tab is 'My Likes', which shows all of the photos that you have liked and gives you direct access to them. You can go back and look at them again with all of their respective comments and likes.

The last three tabs have to do with your followers, the people you are following, and the popular tab, which is known on the Instagram as the explorer tab. This one seems to have the same videos and photos every day.
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